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We offer the full range of rolling stock refurbishment and refresh programmes tailored to your scope and requirements. We have the capability to deliver projects which include standard refurbishments (like for like replacements), replacement of carpets and lino, floorboarding, seat overhaul, reconfiguration, replacement and fitting, full interior re-spray, installation of passenger information systems, CCTV, passenger counting, air conditioning systems, LED lighting and PRM requirements.

Some examples of our refresh and refurbishment services include:

HST First Class Interior Refurbishment

Chrysalis undertook a 13-month project to refurbish 114 vehicles at our client’s premises. This project involved a full interior strip out, replacement of floor covering, re-moquette of all luggage racks and dado panels, and a re-paint of the toilets and vestibule areas. We also fitted LED lighting, privacy screens and seating. The project was delivered on external sidings via a purpose-built access platform at our customer’s request. All vehicles were delivered on time and to budget at a rate of two full vehicles per week.

Class 165/166 Refresh

An interior refresh of 57 x Class 165/166 units was conducted over a 2-year period. The vehicles were stripped, cleaned, prepared and painted. The interior of the train was transformed into a spray booth with lighting and extraction points. The handles and grab poles were powder coated, and new moquette, cushions and trims were added.

Class 444/450 "Super A" Refresh

Chrysalis undertook an interior refresh and exterior surface corrosion repair project for Siemens on 127 x Class 450 units and 45 x Class 444 units, a total of 733 vehicles. The scope of work included painting all luggage racks, seats, wall and seat grab handles, vestibules, cabs and toilets for each unit. Chrysalis Fabrication managed the powder coating and wet spraying of key components such as grab handles and toilet doors, ensuring the highest quality control and finish.

On the exterior, any surface corrosion or damaged areas were prepped, filled, primed, painted and polished. This included work to the cant rail, sole bar, body ends, around door push buttons and damage down the main body side of the unit.

Siemens recognised the quality and workmanship delivered in this project by awarding Chrysalis Rail the ‘Best Service Supplier in the Rail Sector’ award for 2015.

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